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Fan Controller DV11T with thermostat 6 amp

€ 95,50

Fan Controller DV11-T is made to keep the temperature in any space under control. With the DV11-T you can determine how warm it will become in your Grow Room. You set the desired temperature, and connect the extractor to the DV11-T. You then set the minimum and maximum speed of the engine so it never runs too quickly or slowly.

The Fan Controller DV11-T will then ensure that the temperature is maintained. The DV11-T is protected by a 6 Amp thermal fuse.The thermal fuse ensures that the DV11-T switches off with a short-circuit or overloading. The advantage of the thermal fuse is that when the problem has been fixed you only need to press the "reset"button and the DV11-T starts working again.

The Fan Controller DV11-T works on 230V. It has power of 6Amp/1350 Watt.

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You will find in this category line transformers with knob ( without thermostat). TMAs, fan controllers and various control transformers with thermostat and switch.

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