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Techgrow T1 CO2 Controller (ex sensor)

€ 490,00
  • Simple operation,
  • Rugged housing,
  • Plug and play, Can be used in small to very large spaces,
  • Be adjusted from 300 to 2000 ppm
  • Expression of the gemeette minimum and maximum CO2 level,
  • Extremely accurate external CO2 sensor SenceAir (absolute industry standard in CO2 measurement)
  • The CO2 = sensor does every second measurement
  • Turns CO2 source through a 230v relay
  • Built-in light (day - night sensor) 3 year warranty on controller

The Tech Grow CO2 Controller measures and controls the CO2 level in a room and is fully operable by 11 rotary / push button.

Automatic detection of the CO2 sensor is connected correctly (broken cable or bad connector)
Connection of the sensor with standard (UTP) network cable which is supplied 5m (use up to 20 m cable)
Blue-White screen with automatic backlighting (switches off after 30 seconds,
Memory outage for set point, hysteresis and min / max level of CO2,
LED indicator lights up when CO2 is dosed,
Optionally, CO2 can be obtained from separate sensors for an additional measurement point.

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