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Can-lite 600m3

€ 92,50

The last time that there was much demand for lightweight filters. Can recent years been busy developing a lightweight filter with the most ideal light carbon type for the capture of smell. Can meanwhile was able to create the right composition that is best for the Can-Lite.

In order to make the filter lighter holes have been made on the inner and outer jacket of 3 millimeters in diameter. The bottom and lid are made of aluminum. The increase of the holes in the steel is not to say that the air flow is thereby increased. These stories proceed, but the carbon bed determines how much air through a filter does not need to go and the holes in the steel (pressure drop). The ultimate purpose of a filter is the capture of smell. As many air suction through the filter / blow is not the right method. The filter is completely filled with cabbage.

Can-lite has been shaken in such a way that there is no space for the charcoal to move. It is precisely this is the reason that no Can filters as the sole rubber rings used in the filters, but only cabbage. With the result that there is more carbon in the filters can than any other. New is that the Can-lite is packaged in a box with handles, so it's easy to carry.

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